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Belize, known as the Central American gateway to the Caribbean, is situated along the eastern coastline of Central America, bordered by Mexico to the north and Guatemala, to the west and south.

 Airlines servicing Belize & Placencia

Getting to Belize
The major airlines servicing Belize are American Airlines, US Airways, United Airlines, Continental, Delta and TACA. International flights to Belize go through Miami, Dallas, Houston, Charlotte, Atlanta and Los Angeles. West Jet and Air Canada also fly to Belize City during the winter season, from a select few cities.

Getting to Placencia
Local airlines Maya Island Air and Tropic Air have daily flights to the Placencia Airstrip. We recommend renting a vehicle which gives you maximum flexibility in what you can see & do at Ocean's Edge and is an excellent way to see Belize. The drive through Hummingbird Highway is spectacular.

We can assist you in booking your flight, or renting your vehicle. You also have the option of taking a local bus, this takes several hours with many stops.

 Entry & Departure requirements

Entry to Belize
A valid passport is required for entry into Belize and proof of return. Visitors are allowed a 30 day visit. You must apply at the Immigration Office for extensions.

Departure Fee
You may be required to pay a departure tax of $39.50 US per person in cash when leaving the Belize International Airport. Most airlines already have this fee incorporated in their tickets.


 Health Services in Placencia

There is a medical clinic in Placencia and a hospital in Dangriga. Air evacuation is available should there be a serious medical problem. There is a pharmacy in Placencia however it is advisable to bring whatever medications you require.


There are no serious epidemic diseases in Belize. It is advisable to have current tetanus and Hepatitis A shots. If you are planning an extended stay in the jungle consult with your physician regarding malaria medication.


Sandflies may be present at certain times however, well-maintained beaches help keep them at bay. Be sure to bring insect repellent, anti-histamines, anti-itch cream. Toothpaste and rubbing alcohol also help reduce the itching.

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 Climate & Time Zone in Belize

Subtropical Climate
Belize is subtropical with an average mean temperature of 80 degrees F. Dry season is typically from Feb-May and rainy season from June to November. Summer highs are in the 90's, winter lows are seldombelow 60.

Time Zone
The time zone is Central Standard.

 Currency & Bank Information

The Belize dollar has a fixed rate of $ 2 BZ to $1 US. US currency is accepted everywhere. Visa, MasterCard and Travelers checks are accepted at most places. You can get a cash advance on your credit card at the Atlantic Bank or Scotiabank in Placencia. (You will need to present your passport). Please be aware that using your credit card, the exchange rate may be slightly more than 2-1, depending on your bank's currency conversion fees.

If you are planning to use Mastercard, call your credit card company before arriving in Belize to allow any charges over $500US to go through.

 Electricity & Water

Electricity is 110 Volts A.C. as in the United States and Canada.

Rainwater is collected and filtered, which is perfectly safe to drink.
We do not have pipe water therefore during dry season we may ask you
to conserve water.


Belize is a very informal country and it is advisable to leave your expensive jewelry at home. Bring cool, comfortable clothing;
shorts, t-shirts, bathing suits, hat, light weight rain poncho, sandals, and comfortable shoes for tours. For jungle tours, light weight cotton pants, long sleeved shirt and comfortable shoes are recommended.

 Other items to bring

Don't forget sunscreen, sunburn lotion, insect repellents, anti-histamines, personal medications, sunglasses, camera, extra film
and batteries, flashlight, alarm clock (for early morning excursions), knapsack for day trips, cash in small denominations & snorkeling gear.

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